(or "God is an Action")

by Stephanie Nash

(Steph's Take on the Shinzen Young Retreat - July 1999)


So I guess this concludes another Shinzenian retreat

(As I wait for the feeling to come back to my feet.)

And IÕve thought as my seat spread from meal to meal

Just canÕt get enough of that Talk, Image, Feel!


So at this retreat—what new thoughts did I gain?

(Oh yes—)

Recycle that Sleepiness.  Get in touch with that Pain!

For Pain is your Friend.  It can make you invincible.

You know itÕs all due to the Pregnant Jellyfish Principle.


When youÕre pain peaks—say ÒpeaceÓ, when itÕs weaker ÒrelaxÓ

& When your mind wanders LABEL (no details—just the facts.)

Simple is better but Simplex is the Best.

Shit –letÕs just all be one and to hell with the rest.


(LetÕs see)

ThereÕs ÒSplash/Ripple/Radiate/ReleaseÓ all youÕve got.

(ThatÕs when the drops fall UPWARD—for those who forgot.)


Now image to the Right side, the Left, Front & Back,

To the Top half, the Bottom—wait, I got a crick in my neck!


Now where are your boundaries?  Do they vibrate? Or act

Weird?  Are they static?  Do they expand and contract?


Ay, thereÕs the rub—and donÕt answer right away,

For thereÕs no right answer—so donÕt go for an ÒAÓ.

ThereÕs just whatÕs going on and just note it and say

ÒIÕve got equanimity with everything today!Ó


So IÕm sitting here sittingÉand thinking aboutÉwhat?

My breath—no my body—no my though process, BUT—

My nose itches.  When is Qi Gong?  God do my knees hurt!

ItÕs hot!  Is that a crow? STOP!!!  YOGI MIND ALERT!!!


If you think this is hard—you should try a sweat!

(Where you canÕt see, move or breathe—and you get pretty wet.)

Shinzen does those, too, you know—heÕs not just a nerd.

(Although youÕve probably noticed he does value the word

And those Theorems—Like Pythagorean --& the 4 Maxwell had done

(HeÕs the one who said to his girl, ÒHey Babe, IÕm the (only) one!Ó


My favorite analogy is the computer screen

How when you look closely itÕs really red, blue and green.

See, weÕre fooled by that white—but thatÕs just an emergent thing.

Only when you see through it—does your bell start to ring.


Speaking of bells— WhatÕs with the dinner call?

I suppose that 3, 3, 3, 7 means something to you all.

But all confusion aside – A Complete Experience is the goal.

(ThatÕs assuming you donÕt fall in the craving/aversion hole.)


Now Yaza was fun.  I brought my own special treat.

He was quite big and furry and donned four real big feet.

He reigned from the floor –receiving admirers from above,

ThatÕs how he earned the name ÒLeo, the Black Hole of Love.Ó


Yes this retreat was fun and full of big smiles

As we listened to Shinzen and walked (very slowly) for miles.

And I must thank the Big Guy for making things so clear

And hope that all got what they came for here.



Subtle is Significant & God is an Action,

And when in doubt – Recycle the Reaction.


And on parting (—donÕt worry—see, IÕm almost done)

I didnÕt know that evolving –could be so much fun.

But then -- thatÕs just an Opportunity toÉwhat?!

Do a Pleasure Meditation—ok, everyone—down on your butt!


No, just kidding, I realize thatÕs where you already are.

But when you leave here-in your hearts I hope you donÕt wander far

From the depth and the peace and the love found inside,

And all along and through this really great ride.

2011 Stephanie Nash - All Rights Reserved