God’s Love Holds Everything Together


by Stephanie Nash



(Steph’s Take on a January 2001 Shinzen Young Retreat)



 ‘Twas the last night of Silence (not counting the whispers & smiles)

& All through the zendo –for infinite Brownian miles,

Were visions of fractals, & equations & techniques,

That turned us from mere mortals—into meditation Geeks.


We now had the ability to break down any sensation

into Body, Image, Talk or impermanent Vibrations.

We can purifry in a steam capsule, or while chanting, and, of course

We know that “Acceleration is Proportional to Force.”


And that there are no bathrooms in heaven & no restaurants at all,

& A baseball can actually go through a brick wall.

Today’s “None” will be tomorrow’s “Subtle.”  That’s the rule

And you can get wet by the mist or by jumping in the pool.


Now Noting is not Labeling—although Labeling IS noting,

But we’re after not dismissing—but the really deep KNOWING

(Like the Biblical kind) or interdigitalization

Which leads to a penetrating & a realization


That our identity is like the white on the TV screen.

And our freedom lies in the Truth of the red, blue & green.


If you get the giggles, just remember becoming the Flower

& How the Self Re-arising is part of the power.


(& Is it just me or is Shinzen funnier this year?)

His comic routine of internal talk is one to hear.

He just needs a rim shot to further the fun.

Oh, I think he has one:  “Yaba Yaba Yaba – Ba dump bum!”


& Was anyone else shocked to discover that in the cocoon

The caterpillar had melted –into liquid and soon

Would totally restructure itself.  –That made me

Get over mySelf & my Ego – totally.


And as I drop the Need to Know – to open to what is wise,

I think of Dr. Livingston looking into the lion’s eyes,

--Of surrender & Acceptance & Hearing it for the first time

A complete experience & Giving up my need to make this Rhyme



I had some great Unlocking sessions—teaching people how to breathe,

And Unlock their jaws and Release & Receive.

I had them down on the floor & hanging by a string

(& yes, Bill, even crying—but I didn’t make them sing.)


I had very a special visit with Shirley who teaches by her presence

How to live each moment – valuing the essence.

And my meeting with Nicola like all the ones before,

Left me sure I’d been zapped by good energy galore.


This made me aware of the wonderful glow

Of everyone here, who’s been working so hard to know

How to watch & Observe with Equanimity & Grace

& Pass on the good feelings with a smile on the face.


Chanting in the New Year was a truly special treat.

(Nothing like beginning a Millennium in a Vibrating Heat.)

The spontaneous dancing, though, was a way to blow off steam.

You think a little “rock & roll” – can help you enter the stream?


When Shinzen was a small boy his father wrote E=MC2

& Said, “This is what Einstein said,” and Shinzen just stared.

Today he uses that equation to show how energy & mass

Are the same—with enough Mindfulness & Equanimity stashed

To unleash from very little mass—a LOT of energy  -- KAPOW!

(That’s the sound of Enlightenment – or a complete experience…somehow…)


And in case on this path it feels that we are all alone

Shinzen assures us that other spiritual practices chew on the same bone

Of Mindfulness & Equanimity & No Suffering and No Self

(So you might want to take those Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew, Pali, Sanskrit books off the shelf.)


On this retreat, true to form, Shinzen has a new way to go.

It’s about SIMPLE CONTACT and he wants you to know  (read my lips)


Just know you’re core sequence—and it need not last long.


And after you’ve hung out with Body, Image Talk,

And wandered among them, --like going for a walk,

You get to the MID-GAME –and this can get pretty fun

(that is if you know more techniques than just one)


Here you can ECHO, & VIBRATE -- even open your eyes

Or wait at the mouse-hole and try to surprise

The Image reaction –or does the image come first?

Either way, it’s “Stable, Change, Subtle, Gone” –or worse

You’ve flipped over to body & local/global interaction

& are noting feeling flavors, & does pleasant give satisfaction?


And at the end, you trot on home with a core sequence encore

But this time loaded with goodies –that you gathered before

--like waves of Impermanence or Insights into how you function,

So that you can anticipate what to do at every junction.


Then your journey is over – your game is at end.
Congratulations!   You’ve been 3 Finger Zen’d!!


Remember, Human is to God, as a Fish is to water

And I think Sir Isaac Newton’s premise is a really great starter

That “God’s love Holds everything together” –pretty cool,

And the bricks are the BIT Combos & our focus is the tool.


My deep thanks to Maria & Judith & Philip, too,

And, of course, to Shinzen.  –We’d not be here without you.

You’ve helped me through crises & that’s where I’ve done the deepest learning,

To feel so much closer to understanding the nature of this churning

Into existence every moment of Self & of World.

I know the goal’s to be a Mensch, & this Practice is the Pearl.


2011 Stephanie Nash – All Rights Reserved