Deep Stuff, Light StuffÉwith Music


By Stephanie Nash


(StephÕs take on a Shinzen Young retreat, Jan 2002)



         Kola Lecel Ecun Wo    

Kola Lecel Ecun Wo

Kola Lecel Ecun Wo

Hecanuki, ni tunkasila

         Wani Yangu tkelo hai o



For those who donÕt sweat, the ceremony has begunÉ

The pipe has been loaded, the bell has been rung.

Our closing circle is underway.

Thus ends this retreat & I just want to say:


ItÕs been great, itÕs been Real, ItÕs been Talk/Image/Feel.

Mid-games are US.  DonÕt hold-on.  DonÕt congeal.


I especially liked the black-outs – when nobody moved

& Shinzen kept talking (although the tape we did loseÉ)

& the Yazas, which according to Philip, a cool dude,

is the spiritually correct way to get some free food.


It rained, boy did it rain, the first week outside the window.

I sometimes caught myself humming a tune as I sat in the Zendo.


I wish we were all enlightened

I wish we were all enlightened

I wish we were all enlightened

And before we leave here.


But we still have some work to do before that takes place.

With mindfulness & equanimity, weÕll build muscles in this race

to Ride the Ox Backwards & manifest a new self.

By doing our Core Practice, we gain so much wealth.


I love to play BIT COMBOS.

ItÕs my very favorite game.

And if youÕve ever tried it,

You know that itÕs not so tame.


First you start with the Body.

Follow that with Image, Talk.

Juggle them all together

& build a concentration rock.


Then if you find something like

Vibration or a Flow

--You follow it where it takes you

& enjoy 3 Fountains, lo.  OH!


I love to play  BIT COMBOS.

ItÕs my very favorite game.

Cause when you play BIT COMBOS,

You will never be the same.


And not being the same, is the name of the game.

We want a NEW self, a NO self, a TRUE self

An unfixated activity regardless of name.


Working in the steam capsule with TERROR is  fun.

ItÕs that last moment of ÒOH GOD!  LET ME OUT!  I AM DONE!Ó

--unless you can occupy your mind with fascination of the fear

--or else with trying to figure out ÒHow the hell does Brad FIT in here?Ó

You can learn as much from the touch of your clothes

As from what touches your heart.


And like the shaman & the Bodhisattva,

Be willing to be torn apart

So that at some point you can begin to live in a magic way

That helps others (of course, thatÕs seva or service, we say.)


From my On-Line, I gathered a Game Plan for ÒFeelÓ

(to distinguish the flavors & qualities) – a real

challenge for many of us – or so it seems

WeÕve been tossed in the waves of too many bad dreams.


What Darkness churns within my soul.

I hurt with Rage, Sadness, Fear on whole.

I try to pull apart each strand

To release me from this suffÕring


When I like a child

Watch the movement & get beguiled.

Then all dissolves and I

Am Free to Live in PeaceÉwith smiles.


The Power of this Practice is Proportional to How much you Need it.

And ÒSubtle is SignificantÓ –itÕs in the Core Practice if you read it.


(Or maybe thatÕs in the exponential graph of meditation.

No, it was that 3rd Order Partial Differential Equation.)


A good doctor can cure disease, a great one can prove you never had one.

And the same activity that makes the stars – exists inside our system.


So, when in doubt, as the Master Business Man said in his prime,

Just make a decision, & be happy -- & do that all the time.


For all Acquaintance Near & Far

May all SuffÕring come to End,

With Love & Faith & Vipassana

Led by our belovÕd Shinzen.




2011 Stephanie Nash – All Rights Reserved