We are a nonprofit congregation of AIWP, under the leadership of Stephanie Nash,

and, at this time, we offer a lot of mindfulness support in the form(s) of:

It  is through stories that we absorb information and are entertained.  This collection of offerings by Stephanie Nash are intended to contribute to insight, appreciation and well-being.


If you just want to close your eyes and be guided, enjoy this creative array of meditations.  Because they happened spontaneously, and were often on  phone or zoom workshops, the sound quality is live and not like studio , but the voice is clear and the ride is fine.  Try one. 


These videos from Stephanie Nash teaching retreats (live & virtual), speaking engagements, and some from social media, are offered here to help supply a different style, perspective & view, that we hope for you is fresh, interesting, and helpful.

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Stephanie also donates her time guiding live  meditations to hundreds of people a week on several online platforms, including the CLUBHOUSE app (Mondays & Fridays at 12noon PST) and on the INSIGHT TIMER app (various times/dates.)

Pre-pandemic, Steph had a brick & mortar meditation studio where she offered weekly live drop-in meditation sessions for the community for almost 10 years.

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For years, Stephanie would write comic poems for the talking circle at the end of each retreat with Shinzen Young.  Shinzen came to count of them as a wonderful summary of what he taught, while Stephanie wanted to entertain the retreat participants with clever jokes about what they'd been doing for 10-30 days.

The written words, as well as audio recordings of the poems are offered here, as well as videos of skits she acted out for some retreats.  

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Yes, this is the inside of her brain.  Steph has had her brain studied by Harvard & UCLA - and designed a mindfulness program for another part of that Harvard study which used Shinzen Young's mindfulness system.


Stephanie's bio is a blend of two full-time careers, that of a professional working actress and that of a mindfulness coach & speaker.  Yes, she's busy.  But she created this nonprofit in 2009, to help fund the work she wanted to offer to the community - including live drop-in sessions (pre-pandemic) & certain projects with the community.  

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This is a list of teachers, organizations, places for retreat, and anything else that Stephanie felt she could whole-heartedly recommend.  You can't have too much of a good thing.

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All Videos

All Videos
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Finding Emotional Sensations ~ Strategies by Stephanie Nash

Finding Emotional Sensations ~ Strategies by Stephanie Nash

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FOCUS IN & FOCUS OUT Guided Meditation ~ Stephanie Nash

FOCUS IN & FOCUS OUT Guided Meditation ~ Stephanie Nash

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BEING IN CEREMONY ~  Stephanie Nash  (a short clip)

BEING IN CEREMONY ~ Stephanie Nash (a short clip)